$4/lb and up

Current pork cuts available can be found by clicking the Order Pork button below. Sometimes we have hogs that can be pre-ordered as a 1/2 or whole hog. Then you can get your own specific cuts from the butcher using the Order Pork button as well.


Pork FAQs

Is your pork antibiotic and hormone free?

All of our animals are hormone free. Our pigs sometimes receive antibiotics in the winter due to pneumonia. If you are wanting antibiotic free pork, let us know and we can tell you if the pork on our website is antibiotic free or not. (Yes, we know exactly what meat is in our freezer.) You also might be interested in ordering in bulk, 1/2 hog, if you want antibiotic free. That way we can select the pig for you and you will have a good supply of pork available.

How do I buy in bulk?

You can purchase a 1/2 or whole hog for $5/lb. We will work with you to select your cuts. Any curing, sausage, jerky, or other options will have additional charges.

Your total purchase will be based on the hanging weight of the hog. A whole hog can weight between 150-200 pounds. This meat will fit into a chest freezer.

What are some good recipes?

Check out the recipes on this page to help guide your culinary adventures. It is organized by cut of meat.

What do all these cuts mean? Why aren't they the same as at the store?

There are MANY different types of pork cuts. If you need help understanding the different cuts, what they look like, and where they come from, check out this poster of cuts of pork and use the poster below.



The pigs at Good Enough Ranch are American Guinea Hog, Ossabaw, and Berkshire. These pigs are excellent at foraging for their own food, love belly rubs, and are moved from pasture to pasture every week. They are currently given free choice feed, and table scraps of organic food to reduce food waste, but often choose to forage for their own food under the acorn tree.