Poultry and Eggs

Our farm has turkeys, chickens, guineas, peacocks, and emu. Our poultry is processed on the farm and is available in a limited supply for purchase. We regularly have eggs for sale. All of our poultry is free-range!


Other Meat FAQs

What types of meat will be available? Can I request meat?

Currently, we will be able to supply our customers with the following types of meat within the next 2 years:

- Beef

- Pork

- Goat

- Sheep/Lamb

- Chicken

- Turkey

- Guinea Fowl

- Duck

- Emu

- Peacock

If you would like for our ranch to raise additional types of meat, let us know.

How do I pre-order this meat?

Send us a message through the chat below or email goodneoughranch@gmail.com that you are interested in a specific meat and you will be the first one notified when the it is available.



The animals at Good Enough Ranch are all pasture raised and rotationally grazed. Our chickens are free range. Some animals receive minimal feed based on dietary needs or for treats. We are working towards a completely free forage herd for every animal. If you have any questiona bout how the animals are raised, please email us at goodenoughranch@gmail.com