Buy Meat in Bulk

Not only does this save you money, but it ensures you get the best quality meat, cut how you like it, from a local farmer. Your meat is treated well, fed quality feed, and only travels across town to your freezer.


1/4 cow

You can purchase a 1/4 cow from us by placing a $150 deposit. We will get your cut specifications from you and place your order at the butcher. Once the order is complete, we will deliver the 1/4 cow to you. Our beef is $6.25/lb. 

This means that your tenderloin will be $6.25/lb, when it is usually $22/lb. You will be charged the full amount of the beef once we take it to butcher and get the hanging weight of the cow. A 1/4 cow is generally between 75-100 lbs of meat. The anticipated cost of this purchase is between $450-$700. A 1/4 of a cow can fit into a chest freezer.


1/2 hog

This half hog comes with approximately 82 pounds of meat. Because these half hogs are already processed, we know the total cost is $533. (This comes out to $6.50/lb.) Each half hog includes the following*:
14 pounds ground
19 chops
Spare ribs
3 roasts
Half ham
5 ham steak
10 bacon
Half hog head
2 bags dog bones
1/2 liver
* Some cuts may vary between hog