$4/lb and up

Current beef cuts available can be found by clicking the Order Beef button below.  We currently have beef from our Wagyu crosses and Dexters. They are grass-fed, free-ranging cows.



$11/lb and up

Current lamb cuts available can be found by clicking the Order Lamb button below.  Our sheep are Katahdin and Dorper. The age of harvesting is noted on each cut. They are grass-fed, free-ranging sheep.


Beef FAQs

Do you sell 1/2 or 1/4 cow orders available?

We rarely have part of a cow available to our customers. If you are interested in being put on a list for when bulk cow orders become available, just send us an email at



The cows at Good Enough Ranch are different breeds including Longhorn, Dexter, and Wagyu crosses. Our Sheep are Katahdin and Dorper hair sheep. They are all excellent at foraging for their own food and are moved from pasture to pasture every 3 days. They are currently grass fed and only receive feed as treats and hay as supplemental forage based on the weather. They are not given any steroids or medication.