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About Good Enough Ranch

After living in NYC in a small, shared, 4 bedroom apartment, I decided to move to Texas and buy a ranch. Living a sustainable lifestyle is important to me and was hard to do in NYC. Buying a ranch allowed me to grow food in a sustainable way that benefits the land and treats the animals humanely. I use these practices to raise meat for other families that are unable to do it on their own.


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Farm and Animal Practices

Meat FAQs

How are you a sustainable farm?

We use sustainable agriculture practices that include rotating our animals regularly. It is a lot of work, but this allows us to raise more animals for everyone, and keeps the land from being over-grazed. It also allows the animals to stay healthier because they are on new, fresh grass, weekly. Out pastures are building up better health and flourishing due to the way we rotate our animals.

Is the meat organic?

The meat is not certified organic by the USDA. No pesticides are used on the property and animals forage for their food.

how do I get my meat that I ordered?

Delivery is available for free, every day, in and around Lockhart. We have regular, deliveries throughout the month to doorsteps in New Braunfels and Austin. Subscribe or follow us on Facebook and Instagram to find out what day we're delivering. Meat can also be picked up at the ranch, and you can visit with the animals and see how they are taken care of. 

Once you place your order online, we will communicate via email on the best way to pick up the meat. You can always reach us at

how do i stay informed about available meat?

Follow us on Instagram, @goodenoughranch and sign up using the Subscribe Form below. We will send out updates when more meat is available.

Is the meat antibiotic and hormone free?

All of our meat is hormone free. We rarely use antibiotics on our meat, but we will if it is needed. Our beef has never had antibiotics, but our pigs, during the winter, sometimes need some. If you want antibiotic free meat, just reach out to us and we can tell you what meat on our website has had antibiotics or not. It might also be beneficial to look into buying in bulk so you have 1/2 of a hog stocked up in your freezer that is antibiotic free.

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