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Good Enough Ranch

Local, Sustainably Raised Meat


Order Meat

$5.50/lb and up

Our store has meat selections from our ranch including beef, pork, lamb, poultry, and eggs. We also have produce from a neighboring farm and other local items available. We deliver to Austin, New Braunfels, Lockhart, and anywhere in between.


$5.50/lb and up

Buy 1/2 hogs and 1/4 cows in bulk to save money and still get top quality meat.


Baby Goat Rentals

$70 and up

We have a baby goat rental service where we bring baby goats to your house, your next party, or surprise someone you know. We also put on events with our baby goats such as goat yoga, painting with goats, goat cuddles, and more. Visit Goat Shenanigans website to learn more about our baby goats and how you can meet them!


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Lockhart, TX 78644, USA


About Good Enough Ranch

After living in NYC in a small, shared, 4 bedroom apartment, I decided to move to Texas and buy a ranch. Living a sustainable lifestyle is important to me and was hard to do in NYC. Buying a ranch allowed me to grow food in a sustainable way that benefits the land and treats the animals humanely. I use these practices to raise meat for other families that are unable to do it on their own.

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Good Enough Ranch

Good Enough Ranch houses many different animals. We still have the rental goats. We also have pigs, sheep, cows, chickens, turkeys, and ducks which are all part of the sustainable meat products available from the ranch. All animals are free-ranging to graze and forage on grass all day. The goal of Good Enough Ranch is to provide natural foraging for animals to eat how they were built to eat and mimic their grazing habits in the wild in a way that would benefit both the animal and the land. I'm a permaculture and rotational grazing enthusiast and try to use these practices on the ranch.

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Beef and Lamb


Poultry and Eggs